Loud Concrete Demolition

More concrete outside the Microage lab will be getting demolished early the week of June 6th. Workers will be starting work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 5:00 p.m. and working until 1:00 a.m. to try to avoid noise in the busiest parts of the day. Monday and Tuesday will be the loudest nights due to jackhammer work, so all affected classes have been moved to alternate locations. Contact Gina or Maura with any concerns.

PDC Construction Lately

PDC construction is moving along quickly! Below is a recap of recent activity:

  • Former PDC offices and McGuire center were vacated at the beginning of summer, gutted, and are now under renovation
  • Faculty/staff lounge (room 334) was gutted and is now under renovation
  • Exterior windows and the air handler are being installed
  • Drywall is up and painting is ongoing
  • Ceiling installation ongoing


That’s all, folks.

A view of the PDC site on 04/26.

By: Catherine Gillett, Management ’16 and Brittany Rudolph, Management ’16

Our visit to the construction site marks the final visit for the University Management class this semester. We are a little sad that our work with the construction team is coming to an end, but we’re excited to share our final updates with you. The new Professional Development Center is really starting to take shape, and the project is in a good position to meet its August 15 completion goal.  According to Project Manager Paul Pena, the center is now a little more than 50% complete.  The team recently installed red steel to support the skrim which will keep the building cool despite the fact that it faces Southwards in the Arizona sun.

When we entered the site, we were surprised to find progress taking place everywhere we looked. The future team rooms are clearly delineated by steel beams, and it was fascinating to think about how the hard work of the construction team (and the efforts of the donors) will one day enable Eller teams to work as hard as they can within the finished structure.

Thankfully, Paul and his team are ensuring that Eller students will be well-protected. He encouraged us to take a look at the ceiling, where we saw hydronic pipes that will later ensure fire safety. He also pointed out a special beam separating the second and third floors. It is coated with a special paint (valued at $4,000) to prevent fires and allow the two floors to form a cohesive, collaborative space.

We were shocked at the cost of something as simple as a coat of paint, and we were reminded of how grateful we are to the donors who have made this space possible. Despite the fact that supplies may not seem expensive, this Professional Development Center has been no easy task to build- both physically and monetarily. This week alone cost approximately $70,000.

Richard, a journeyman taper.

This was a wonderful week to visit the site, because we were really able to envision the finished product. The team is even starting to work on electricity and drywall. Next steps include adding an elevator (a months long undertaking), painting the walls, installing ceilings, and readying the Center to serve hundreds of Eller students and staff.

We are so thankful to Paul for giving our class the VIP treatment this semester, and we are so excited to see the new Professional Development Center during Homecoming 2016!

Worker Spotlight

We were lucky enough to talk to Richard, a journeyman taper responsible for helping to construct the walls. He was very welcoming and interested to hear about the students who will one day benefit from his hard work. He has been in the construction industry for 15 years, and he is no stranger to work at the University of Arizona. In fact, his favorite project to date was working on the north endzone of Arizona Stadium.

Thanks again, Richard!

Donor Spotlight

Former Dean Jeff Schatzberg

This week we want to highlight the Schatzberg Family. Dr. Jeff Schatzberg served as the interim dean for the Eller College of Management from January 5, 2015 to Spring 2016. As dean, Mr. Schatzberg played a vital role in helping to fundraise for the PDC. His incredible accomplishments in his role helped the PDC surpass fundraising expectations, and promote buzz around the Eller community. Dr. Schatzberg’s nearly 30 year long Eller career has proven his intense devotion to the academic community.

We are tremendously thankful to this wonderful family for their commitments both in the classroom and in the Tucson community. Despite the fact that Mr. Schatzberg has returned to his role as a professor, the Professional Development Center will stand as a permanent testament to his efforts as the dean of the Eller College of Management. Thank you so much, Dr. Shatzberg, for your service, both past and present!


Inspection Time!

By Lauren Evans, Business Management ’16 and Pamela Contreras, Business Management ’16

IMG_4920Construction is well on it’s way, the Lloyd team focused their efforts into getting everything within the walls right to pass a University intermediate inspection. Once the inspection is passed, the workers can begin putting the dry wall up to create what we see as the real walls. The costs for this week totaled $60,000 with all the subcontractors working on the electrical and mechanical things necessary to pass inspection. 

The inspection phase is extremely critical because in order to continue to the next phase, the University of Arizona inspectors will need to sign off and give them a thumbs up. To pass inspection, there are various components and items that need to be checked off for safety purposes. There are medal panels that are attached to every wall, the isolation layer will be added and after that is done they will be able to add the dry walls. 

The final deadline for the project is August 15th. Every employee takes deadlines very seriously because if they do not meet those deadlines they will have more expenses to incur. When we asked the project manager, Paul Pena, if they are any possibilities the project will not be completed on time he confidently said that it would not happen because they are working hard as a team to make sure everything is done correctly. If they notice that they are behind they are able to bring more employees to help out with projects. On average of 40 employees on site working on different projects to make sure all the phases get completed on a timely manner.


Worker Spotlight

This week we wanted to recognize the hard work of William Taylor, Daniel Hernandez, and Rodney Simmons. This trio have been working in construction for many years. Daniel and William are experts in pipelines and plumbing. Rodney focuses on mechanical piping. This week, they are working on testing the mechanical piping before the University conducts their inspection. When we asked about deadlines, they said the goal is to “hurry up and get it done.” They like that their schedule changes day to day but that everything they do contributes to the bigger picture. 


Donor Spotlight

Eller Student Council 

13007321_1061327170606904_1236806609704339182_nThis week we want to highlight the students who are part of this driven organization that made a 50K pledge for a team room in the Professional Development Center. Eller Student Council holds a high standard for their members. They believe in promoting a well-rounded member, one that is involved in the Univeristy community, the club, and their academics. Members are encouraged to build their professionalism through their network, experiences, and social media by providing them with the tools necessary for success. 

The Council was formed in 1976 and has since served as the representative body for undergraduates in the Eller College. The ECSC serves as a direct liaison between students, faculty, college administrators, and the Tucson community.

Becoming an ECSC member is a great way to become involved in the Eller College of Management. ECSC helps pre-business students get a jump started into the Eller College Experience and allows all students to become connected with all areas of the Eller College of Management.

The ECSC provides an opportunity for all members to get involved with issues and activities that are pertinent to the Eller College. We are quite proud of our accomplishments. 

Continous Progress!

The PDC is in it’s middle stages and slowly developing into a masterpiece.  The detailed framing is coming together and piece by piece forming into our new Eller Professional Development Center.  This week involved a lot of problem solving within the existing building as they were formatting the dimensions and lengths of the building.  In order to do this, Paul Pena and his team conducted a 3D scan of the building to ensure all the framework and dimensions are accurate.  Another major element introduced this week, was the fire proofing done on level 3. In order to ensure safety and abide by laws, they conducted fire proofing as well as making sure the connectivity is in place.  This week the overall costs was around $60,000-$70,000 which make up a small portion of the grand total but is still very important in the process of the Eller PDC. 



Working with Paul!

Working with Paul!

An intriguing area we stumbled upon this week that was very interesting was the introduction of screens in the interview/study rooms.  The new Eller PDC will have 6 separate rooms to conduct interviews so that students will no longer have to walk to the Career Services office for formal interviews.  With these screens, recruiters as well as interviewees are able to showcase a PowerPoint presentation or visual in order to enhance the effect of what they are trying to portray.  This ties in very well with the new technology features at the Eller PDC because it introduces modern technology that can be utilized by professors, recruiters, as well as students to enhance further learning. 

New Displays

New Displays












As they were finishing up the intermediate wall this week and getting ready to put on the dry wall, there were several steps that needed to be addressed in order to proceed.  Major inspection was conducted along with mechanical plumbing and fire proofing.  While these may seem like small tasks, it can be a long process in order for everything to get approved.  The new PDC will use a special Denz glass that is mold resistant to ensure longevity.  The picture below is the area for the elevator which is slowly being built and introduced. 


Overall, we are so glad we were able to take this tour with Paul Pena and learn about all the aspects and development plan for the new Eller PDC.  Construction can be a very tedious and long process but the end result is always worth it.  We would like to thank all the members of Lloyd construction for taking the time to show us around and answer all of our questions!


Worker of the week:

Paul Pena

Our worker of the week is Paul Pena, he has been involved since the written statement and qualifications development.  He is currently the senior project manager and led the interview process which consisted of 8 different firms.  His passion and love for The University of Arizona as well as construction motivates him everyday to work and produce the highest quality work with his team. 


We are very fortunate to have Paul and his excellent insight leading the team here at The University of Arizona.   


Donor Spotlight: Olden and Carol Lee

Olden Lee


This week’s donor spotlight is on Olden and Carol Lee who have significantly contributed towards the Interactive Welcome/Reception Area in the new Eller PDC.  Olden is a University of Arizona Alum, who attended on a football scholarship as a linebacker.  Currently, Olden is the Chair of the Eller National Board.  Olden is grateful for his opportunity to attend the University of Arizona on a scholarship and once said “I think when you talk about the make-up of the campus, you see that it’s diverse”.  With scholarships, the University can continue to attract the best and the brightest from all over the world.  We are extremely grateful for Olden and Carol Lee’s contribution to the Eller Professional Development Center and wish them continued luck on their future endeavors.



Thank You Olden and Carol!

Framework Up!

By Nicolette Spathas, Eller MIS ’16 and Ryan Heffner, Eller Management ’16


The PDC has seen more changes this week.  The framework is just being finished up, and electrical is being put in place.  Each of the metal posts you see in the photo makes up the framework of the Professional Development Center.  The photo also has openings without studs or framework, those openings will be glass windows facing Speedway Blvd.  You will also notice in this picture, that there is framing in between the second and third floor.  That space will soon become occupied with plumbing and mechanical work.  In the scheme of the project as a whole, the framework does not cost too much.  It will end up costing less than $300,000 in total, and less than 5% of the PDC construction budget.  Welding Framework

One thing we found interesting were the windows on the third floor.  Since they will end up having so much southern sun exposure, the building will have perforated metal sheets hanging down to protect the offices facing direct sunlight for the majority of the day.  Not only will they be beneficial, but make the external building more aesthetically pleasing. 

The framework being up gave us a good idea of what the layout of the PDC would be.  We were able to walk through the team rooms, interview rooms, offices, and the collaboration center and sense what those spaces would look like upon completion.  Outside of each room, there is a black box, which signifies where a monitor screen will be in place rather than a regular placard.  The initial monitor placement raised safety concerns, but has since been altered and approved. Monitors instead of placards will further the futuristic feel that the PDC is aiming at. 

Monitor Box PlacementThe tour gave us great insight on everything that is involved from building a structure from the ground up, but also how difficult it can be to extend onto an existing building.  Not only that, but how much progress has been done and what is yet to come.  We are grateful for the opportunity to go behind the scenes on the PDC construction and can’t wait to see it when it is finally finished!

We want to thank everyone on the crew for letting us take a tour, ask a lot of questions, and teaching us what details are involved with this construction project!








Fausto was brought onto this project on December 21st and will be working throughout the reminder of construction.  With 33 years of electrical experience, he is a seasoned veteran on the team of electricians from Gilbert Electric. 

When we caught up with him he was working specifically on the outlet switches in the individual offices on the third floor.  It was important to him to maintain the quality of his work while staying on schedule.  His main focus for this project is the outlets and lighting features throughout the PDC.

Thank you Fausto for taking time out of your day to tell us about yourself and the work you have been doing on this project!


Jon and Tammy Underwood


The Professional Development Center would not be possible without the help of donors. This week we want to highlight Jon and Tammy Underwood for their substantial donation to the Eller PDC.  Jon and Tammy both earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona.  

Upon his graduation from the U of A, Jon went on to get his MBA from UC Berkeley.  He worked for many years in the paper industry as a senior manager before joining Lyle Anderson, a development company. He has been the President of Scottsdale, Arizona-based Desert Mountain Properties since 1997. In addition to his work, Jon serves on a number of advisory boards in the Eller community and is a member of the Campaign Arizona Presidential Leadership Team.  

Tammy is also still actively involved in the University of Arizona.  She has chaired several UV Alumni Association events, is also a member of the Campaign Arizona Presidential Leadership board, a founding board member of Steele Memorial Children’s research Center, and served as president of the Friends of Arizona Cancer Center board. 

Their dedication and love for the UA is incredible, and we want to thank them for all their continued support to our community over the years!

On Task…and On Time!

Work Overview

It was far from a boring week in the construction of our new Professional Development Center. A substantial amount of work and hours was put into the continuation of managing several different trades at work. My partner Sam and I had the pleasure to visit the site this week and speak with Paul Peña, the construction manager for this project and discuss how the past couple of weeks went in the progress of the new center.

As there were no new trades being added to the bill this week, Paul discussed having to balance the current existing trades and make sure each job’s progress contributed to the overall completion. Nevertheless, the biggest job the past two weeks was coordinating the assembly of the metal paneling, which included working with university architects to achieve a more cost-efficient option as the panels continue to be constructed. Paul and his team are continuing to optimize the perfect dimensions for the mechanical framing in order to ensure a safe and durable foundation for the rest of the building.

Other jobs included installing the fire sprinklers, and rough-in’s for the mechanical and electrical components of the structure. The overall costs for the work this week was between $60,000 and $70,000. Furthermore, Paul stated that they remain on schedule for now and will continue to find solutions as issues arise in order to keep the project going strong.

Worker of the Week

As we appreciate all of the tradesmen and workers making our new PDC a reality, we would like to thank our worker of the week, Mark Bedoy for his hard work in ensuring an optimal air conditioning system for the building. Mark has been in the trade for over 35 years, and has been working for Sun Mechanical for the past 17 years. Mark is currently helping the project by overseeing the entire installation of the air conditioning throughout the structure. Most of the duct-work is now completed and Mark and his team are currently pressure testing the system for quality control. A big thank you and cheers to Mark for his dedication to the project and for ensuring the completion of the A/C unit remains optimal and on schedule!

Donor Spotlight

The Eller College of Management would not be the remarkable and inspiring place we know without the generous contributions of our donors. This week, the students at Eller would like to offer a special thank you to Steve and Suzanne Hilton. Steve is currently the CEO and serves as a chairman for Meritage Homes Corporation. Meritage Homes Corporation has built over 85,000 Energy Star certified homes across the nation. Steve was also an Eller graduate and has continued to give back to the Eller experience ever since he left.

Almost one year ago today, Steve was kind enough to speak at the 2015 Spring Finance Major Graduate Breakfast. Needless to say, the students have been incredibly fortunate to have such a respectable and distinguished Alumni contribute so much to experiences we have every time we walk through the Eller doors. The Hilton’s recent contribution of a career coach office in our new PDCwill allow students to map out their futures as they work with their career coaches. We are definitely looking forward to the completion of the new professional development center and can’t wait to put it to good use!

Taking One Step At a Time

By Hailey St.Clair, Eller Management ’16 and JR Albright, Eller Management ’16


This week at the PDC there was a lot of improvements and the project is starting to come along nicely. The cost for this week came to about $65,000. The workers were able to finish the third floor staircase by placing in the concrete and steel. This then lead to the placement of concrete on the third floor as well.

Most of the focus this week was dealing with putting in the air ducts on the second and third floors. Another focus was finishing the structural steel outside of the elevator. They noticed some problems when wanting to build next to an already existing building. These problems included a different design within the walls and that their numbers need to be redone in order to match up properly with the attached walls.

IMG_7883One detail that we thought was interesting was a pole placed through the PDC that would be exposed in the opening of the room. This pole has a certain type of paint that has the ability to resist fire for an extra two hours. We thought this was an important detail when thinking of the building as a whole and how to make it safer for future incidences.

At the end of the tour, it was a great experience to understand what was going on rather than just seeing the improvements each day at school. We were grateful to have such a great opportunity!

Thank you everyone for teaching us so much and allowing us to come in and tour your construction site while you all are working hard!




Brian Runquest

Brian oversees the mechanical scope of the work. He is also known as quite the mentor for the employees he is working with.

Some examples of his job during this project include having to shut down the mechanics at Eller on weekends in order to line up the pipes without disturbing the college. Involving shut downs requires less time and easier for his workers to get their job done successfully.

Some goals Brian has are efficiency, safety, limited work, minimizing the impact at UA, and with high quality. He also feels strongly about reaching out to the community and preparing his employees for future successes.

Thank you Brian for all your hard work and your positive attitude to help us learn more about you!



Rob and Carla Matteucci

Having the Professional Development Center at Eller be completely funded by donors, it is very important to take the time to thank these donors. This week we would like to thank Rob and Carla Matteucci for their incredible donation. Rob currently is an adjunct instructor at the University of Arizona Eller College of Management and also is the director at Iron City Brewing Company. He co-teaches an EMBA course about global management, teaches an undergraduate course on global management, teaches an undergraduate course on management strategy, and also is the lead instructor for a freshman pre-business course.

Thank you so much Rob and Carla, we appreciate everything you guys have done for the PDC! Because of you both, students at Eller will be able to have the chance to learn and be more prepared for entering into their first real jobs!

Preparing For A Big Step

By Laura Conn, Eller Marketing & Management ’16 and Hayden Garber, Eller Management ’17

Summary of the Week

The lull in action continues this week has everyone was setting up for the next big step. The smaller then average crew was wielding away. One group was finishing up installing the pipeline hangers while another group was working on the staircase linking the second and third floor of the PDC.

As we were inspecting the job site, Paul pointed out a specific spot where an existing glass window had been broken. He explained how part of the old building did not line up exactly how the team envisioned. While the difference was minimal,less then an inch, being off by a small amount means a retooling of the design. Both the team in the trailer and on-site where working to correct the issues and blend the new with the old.

The crew was bringing more supplies while Paul wrapped up the tour. He said the next big phase is to finish the work on the recently laid third floor and start on the lower floor. The team is well on its way to reaching its target date.

The total cost for this week was around $40,000.

Worker of the Week

James Leonard

James is an experience contractor with over 25 years working on numerous projects. He is tasked with overseeing the operation in the field. With many moving parts, James stressed the importance of communication. The job site can be a very complex place. A clear vision must be present between the office and the field.

On the day of our tour, James was working with another worker to ensure wields done in the right location. Overall, he was happy with current state of the building process and is hopefully the speed of the operation will pick up. Thank you for taking time to talk to us and all the work you have done to make the PDC great!


Donor Spotlight

John and Vicki Panhuise

This week for our donor spotlight we would like to thank John and Vicki Panhuise. John and Vicki Panhuise have continuously given back to the Eller College with The Panhuise Family Foundation, there generous donations have made a huge impact on the Eller community. Vicki Panhuise is currently the CEO of NTS, as well as serves as the Chairman of the Arizona Aerospace and Defense Commission and on the Arizona Commerce Authority Board appointed by the Governor. Vicki has her M.S. and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engendering from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her MBA from University of Arizona class of ’99. John and Vicki Panhuise’s donation for the Professional Development center has helped funding one of the Student Team Collaboration Rooms that will benefit thousands of Eller students and enhance their Eller experience. The Professional Development Center is completely donor funded and could not be completed without fantastic donors like the Panhuise Family. Thank you John and Vicki!


Going Up!

By Alec Beyersdorf, Eller Business Management ’16 and Ashley Vargas, Eller Business Management ’16

This week was calmer than the previous ones, but crucial parts had been focused on. In addition to the PDC’s 3rd floor staircase Paul and his team focused on welding angles for the concrete on the 3rd floor and began the pre-slab—as done last week for th
e 2nd floor. There was much focus on the mechanical and electrical work, as pipeline hangers were being added to the ceiling.

We began in the trailer where we saw blueprints of this week’s tasks and picture models of the staircase they were working on. Paul took us through the work site where we saw workers welding, framing and working on the overhead mechanical and electrical hangers.

We were able to see the new staircase that was put in place as well as the elevator shaft made of architectural concrete. This week, there were about fifteen to twenty workers on sight, while next week should increase to about twenty to thirty workers.

The total cost for this week’s work is about $50,000-$60,000.

After the tour, we asked Paul what a difficult part of his job was. We learned that he has to submit a heavy load of paperwork for practically everything that gets done. Reports can be up to 80 pages in length!

But, it’ s not all about work. Superintendent, Dennis, had set up an appreciation lunch for later that afternoon to recognize all the hard workers. Pizza and other goods were offered as well as gift cards to show the workers they are appreciated. That just shows how integrated the Lloyd crew is!

Thanks to everyone that helped us out on the job site!



 Francisco Zepeda

Francisco Zepeda has been a framer for over 20 years. He is currently working for Universal Wallboard who is partnering with Lloyd to complete this week’s tasks.

Francisco is in charge of overlooking the clips, layout framing, walls, floors, and soffits of the current plans. His daily work requires math, by calculating the correct measurements and placements for framing, especially in the walls. The accuracy of his calculations and work is crucial to continuing onto the next steps of the layout processes.

Francisco is a busy man and we appreciate him taking some time to answer our questions and even snap a photo of him. Thanks again Francisco!




Jeffrey and Tahnia McKeever

This week’s donor spotlight is on Jeffrey and Tahnia McKeever, who have contributed towards the student team collaboration room in the PDC! Jeffrey is a University of Arizona alumnus and is Chairman and CEO of the Eller College National Board of Advisors. He is also founder and chief mentor of MicroAge information technology and services. Jeffrey and Tahnia have been strong supporters of Eller, with their donation of the MicroAge lab that Eller students currently use, and now donations towards a new collaboration room in the upcoming Professional Development Center. For that, we are grateful for their advocacy towards the Eller College of Management. Everyone is excited for the completion of the PDC and will make plenty use of the new collaboration room. Thank you Jeffrey and Tahnia!


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