Taking One Step At a Time

By Hailey St.Clair, Eller Management ’16 and JR Albright, Eller Management ’16


This week at the PDC there was a lot of improvements and the project is starting to come along nicely. The cost for this week came to about $65,000. The workers were able to finish the third floor staircase by placing in the concrete and steel. This then lead to the placement of concrete on the third floor as well.

Most of the focus this week was dealing with putting in the air ducts on the second and third floors. Another focus was finishing the structural steel outside of the elevator. They noticed some problems when wanting to build next to an already existing building. These problems included a different design within the walls and that their numbers need to be redone in order to match up properly with the attached walls.

IMG_7883One detail that we thought was interesting was a pole placed through the PDC that would be exposed in the opening of the room. This pole has a certain type of paint that has the ability to resist fire for an extra two hours. We thought this was an important detail when thinking of the building as a whole and how to make it safer for future incidences.

At the end of the tour, it was a great experience to understand what was going on rather than just seeing the improvements each day at school. We were grateful to have such a great opportunity!

Thank you everyone for teaching us so much and allowing us to come in and tour your construction site while you all are working hard!




Brian Runquest

Brian oversees the mechanical scope of the work. He is also known as quite the mentor for the employees he is working with.

Some examples of his job during this project include having to shut down the mechanics at Eller on weekends in order to line up the pipes without disturbing the college. Involving shut downs requires less time and easier for his workers to get their job done successfully.

Some goals Brian has are efficiency, safety, limited work, minimizing the impact at UA, and with high quality. He also feels strongly about reaching out to the community and preparing his employees for future successes.

Thank you Brian for all your hard work and your positive attitude to help us learn more about you!



Rob and Carla Matteucci

Having the Professional Development Center at Eller be completely funded by donors, it is very important to take the time to thank these donors. This week we would like to thank Rob and Carla Matteucci for their incredible donation. Rob currently is an adjunct instructor at the University of Arizona Eller College of Management and also is the director at Iron City Brewing Company. He co-teaches an EMBA course about global management, teaches an undergraduate course on global management, teaches an undergraduate course on management strategy, and also is the lead instructor for a freshman pre-business course.

Thank you so much Rob and Carla, we appreciate everything you guys have done for the PDC! Because of you both, students at Eller will be able to have the chance to learn and be more prepared for entering into their first real jobs!