Solid Foundation in Place


By Samantha Bishop Eller Business Management ’16 and Andrew Prolman Eller Business Management ’16


 This week, work continued on building the elevator shaft and preparing it for the concrete walls that will go up. The concrete work will be done by Concrete Edge. JB Steel also continued working on the job welding the steel beams. Paul also explained to us some of the logistics of doing work while class was ongoing. He explained that when removing concrete slabs from the building area over classrooms, they had to bring up a special machine with a long arm to lift the slabs. By doing this, they created less noise than having to drive heavy machinery over the classroom areas, leading to less distractions for students.


 Donation Dollars at Work

Lloyd Construction was happy to announce that they came in under budget for the month of January. The elevator shaft that is in the process of being built has a value of around $60,000. The structural steel that has so far been welded costs around $100,000 and is expected to cost closer to $200,000 by the time it is finished.

 Worker of the Week
Dennis is the project superintendent. In terms of what Dennis’ role is, he is in charge of working with the subcontractors and making sure that everything on the job site goes smoothly. He also supports Paul in the design aspects, making sure that the link between the subcontractors and the design side of the project is in constant communication.

Dennis got his start as a laborer and has worked his way up through the ranks to project superintendent. He also has travelled a lot in Asia, working on different projects there.


Phil and Susan Hagenah

Of course, this project would not be at all possible without the very generous gifts from the Donors. We would like to thank Phil and Susan Hagenah from the bottom of our hearts. They have so kindly contributed an entire Seminar Room to the Professional Development Center. Phil, a member of the famous Wrigley family, is currently on the National Board of Advisors here at the University of Arizona. He is also the Founder and former President of Film House Inc. We can only imagine the incredible, positive impact that the new Professional Development Center and more specifically, the new seminar room will have on the Eller experience. Eller has always been very proud of the resources and facilities that have been made available by the university and its many donors, and this will only improve as the new development center is constructed. The incredible generosity of Phil and Susan is part of what makes all of us at U of A, and especially those of us in Eller so honored to be a part of this amazing community.