Preparing For A Big Step

By Laura Conn, Eller Marketing & Management ’16 and Hayden Garber, Eller Management ’17

Summary of the Week

The lull in action continues this week has everyone was setting up for the next big step. The smaller then average crew was wielding away. One group was finishing up installing the pipeline hangers while another group was working on the staircase linking the second and third floor of the PDC.

As we were inspecting the job site, Paul pointed out a specific spot where an existing glass window had been broken. He explained how part of the old building did not line up exactly how the team envisioned. While the difference was minimal,less then an inch, being off by a small amount means a retooling of the design. Both the team in the trailer and on-site where working to correct the issues and blend the new with the old.

The crew was bringing more supplies while Paul wrapped up the tour. He said the next big phase is to finish the work on the recently laid third floor and start on the lower floor. The team is well on its way to reaching its target date.

The total cost for this week was around $40,000.

Worker of the Week

James Leonard

James is an experience contractor with over 25 years working on numerous projects. He is tasked with overseeing the operation in the field. With many moving parts, James stressed the importance of communication. The job site can be a very complex place. A clear vision must be present between the office and the field.

On the day of our tour, James was working with another worker to ensure wields done in the right location. Overall, he was happy with current state of the building process and is hopefully the speed of the operation will pick up. Thank you for taking time to talk to us and all the work you have done to make the PDC great!


Donor Spotlight

John and Vicki Panhuise

This week for our donor spotlight we would like to thank John and Vicki Panhuise. John and Vicki Panhuise have continuously given back to the Eller College with The Panhuise Family Foundation, there generous donations have made a huge impact on the Eller community. Vicki Panhuise is currently the CEO of NTS, as well as serves as the Chairman of the Arizona Aerospace and Defense Commission and on the Arizona Commerce Authority Board appointed by the Governor. Vicki has her M.S. and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engendering from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her MBA from University of Arizona class of ’99. John and Vicki Panhuise’s donation for the Professional Development center has helped funding one of the Student Team Collaboration Rooms that will benefit thousands of Eller students and enhance their Eller experience. The Professional Development Center is completely donor funded and could not be completed without fantastic donors like the Panhuise Family. Thank you John and Vicki!