Moving Up: Eller PDC Gets a Second Story


By Kyle Reddin Business Management ’16 and Sabrina Langer Business Management ’16



If you haven’t seen, you have definitely heard that progress is being made on Eller’s new Professional Development Center. Many advancements have occurred over the last week to ensure the project stays on schedule and within budget.

Donation Dollars at Work

This week’s production costs totaled over $100,000 which included the rebar for the concrete pour back on the street level deck. The most obvious addition is the Professional Development Centers second level which was installed in pieces from pre fabricated steel made off site. A very important but small project completed was small pieces of rebar drilled into the original concrete slab. These will be used to hold in place new laid concrete. The epoxy used is extremely expensive making this small project cost about $3000.



Worker of the Week

This week we would like to thank Concrete Edge and Alonso Andrade for their hard work. Alonso has been in the concrete industry for 15 years and became a foreman when his family started Concrete Edge which is locally owned. Andrade mentioned that the architectural wall was their most challenging task this week because the team is unaware what is going on inside the concrete. They used high cycle vibrators the walls in hopes to release air bubbles and imperfections but says you may never know if it worked until the forms are taken down.






Peter and Nancy Salter

Since the new Professional Development Center is 100% donation funded there would be no new addition to Eller without these great donors. This week would like to thank Peter and Nancy Salter. Peter is on the Eller National Board of Advisors and was CEO of Salter Labs a company he founded in 1975. Salter has been an advocate of higher education for years since he started hiring from both Eller College and the College of Engineering. Furthermore Salter funded the Salter Distinguished Professorship in Management and Technology. The Salters have provided funding for a Seminar Room in the new PDC. Because of your generosity, thousands of students in the Eller College of Management will benefit from the ability to learn, grow, and excel. Your gift will help improve the Eller Experience, by providing an abundance of resources to enhance students professional skills and provide outstanding opportunities for their future.