Going Up!

By Alec Beyersdorf, Eller Business Management ’16 and Ashley Vargas, Eller Business Management ’16

This week was calmer than the previous ones, but crucial parts had been focused on. In addition to the PDC’s 3rd floor staircase Paul and his team focused on welding angles for the concrete on the 3rd floor and began the pre-slab—as done last week for th
e 2nd floor. There was much focus on the mechanical and electrical work, as pipeline hangers were being added to the ceiling.

We began in the trailer where we saw blueprints of this week’s tasks and picture models of the staircase they were working on. Paul took us through the work site where we saw workers welding, framing and working on the overhead mechanical and electrical hangers.

We were able to see the new staircase that was put in place as well as the elevator shaft made of architectural concrete. This week, there were about fifteen to twenty workers on sight, while next week should increase to about twenty to thirty workers.

The total cost for this week’s work is about $50,000-$60,000.

After the tour, we asked Paul what a difficult part of his job was. We learned that he has to submit a heavy load of paperwork for practically everything that gets done. Reports can be up to 80 pages in length!

But, it’ s not all about work. Superintendent, Dennis, had set up an appreciation lunch for later that afternoon to recognize all the hard workers. Pizza and other goods were offered as well as gift cards to show the workers they are appreciated. That just shows how integrated the Lloyd crew is!

Thanks to everyone that helped us out on the job site!



 Francisco Zepeda

Francisco Zepeda has been a framer for over 20 years. He is currently working for Universal Wallboard who is partnering with Lloyd to complete this week’s tasks.

Francisco is in charge of overlooking the clips, layout framing, walls, floors, and soffits of the current plans. His daily work requires math, by calculating the correct measurements and placements for framing, especially in the walls. The accuracy of his calculations and work is crucial to continuing onto the next steps of the layout processes.

Francisco is a busy man and we appreciate him taking some time to answer our questions and even snap a photo of him. Thanks again Francisco!




Jeffrey and Tahnia McKeever

This week’s donor spotlight is on Jeffrey and Tahnia McKeever, who have contributed towards the student team collaboration room in the PDC! Jeffrey is a University of Arizona alumnus and is Chairman and CEO of the Eller College National Board of Advisors. He is also founder and chief mentor of MicroAge information technology and services. Jeffrey and Tahnia have been strong supporters of Eller, with their donation of the MicroAge lab that Eller students currently use, and now donations towards a new collaboration room in the upcoming Professional Development Center. For that, we are grateful for their advocacy towards the Eller College of Management. Everyone is excited for the completion of the PDC and will make plenty use of the new collaboration room. Thank you Jeffrey and Tahnia!