Framework Up!

By Nicolette Spathas, Eller MIS ’16 and Ryan Heffner, Eller Management ’16


The PDC has seen more changes this week.  The framework is just being finished up, and electrical is being put in place.  Each of the metal posts you see in the photo makes up the framework of the Professional Development Center.  The photo also has openings without studs or framework, those openings will be glass windows facing Speedway Blvd.  You will also notice in this picture, that there is framing in between the second and third floor.  That space will soon become occupied with plumbing and mechanical work.  In the scheme of the project as a whole, the framework does not cost too much.  It will end up costing less than $300,000 in total, and less than 5% of the PDC construction budget.  Welding Framework

One thing we found interesting were the windows on the third floor.  Since they will end up having so much southern sun exposure, the building will have perforated metal sheets hanging down to protect the offices facing direct sunlight for the majority of the day.  Not only will they be beneficial, but make the external building more aesthetically pleasing. 

The framework being up gave us a good idea of what the layout of the PDC would be.  We were able to walk through the team rooms, interview rooms, offices, and the collaboration center and sense what those spaces would look like upon completion.  Outside of each room, there is a black box, which signifies where a monitor screen will be in place rather than a regular placard.  The initial monitor placement raised safety concerns, but has since been altered and approved. Monitors instead of placards will further the futuristic feel that the PDC is aiming at. 

Monitor Box PlacementThe tour gave us great insight on everything that is involved from building a structure from the ground up, but also how difficult it can be to extend onto an existing building.  Not only that, but how much progress has been done and what is yet to come.  We are grateful for the opportunity to go behind the scenes on the PDC construction and can’t wait to see it when it is finally finished!

We want to thank everyone on the crew for letting us take a tour, ask a lot of questions, and teaching us what details are involved with this construction project!








Fausto was brought onto this project on December 21st and will be working throughout the reminder of construction.  With 33 years of electrical experience, he is a seasoned veteran on the team of electricians from Gilbert Electric. 

When we caught up with him he was working specifically on the outlet switches in the individual offices on the third floor.  It was important to him to maintain the quality of his work while staying on schedule.  His main focus for this project is the outlets and lighting features throughout the PDC.

Thank you Fausto for taking time out of your day to tell us about yourself and the work you have been doing on this project!


Jon and Tammy Underwood


The Professional Development Center would not be possible without the help of donors. This week we want to highlight Jon and Tammy Underwood for their substantial donation to the Eller PDC.  Jon and Tammy both earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona.  

Upon his graduation from the U of A, Jon went on to get his MBA from UC Berkeley.  He worked for many years in the paper industry as a senior manager before joining Lyle Anderson, a development company. He has been the President of Scottsdale, Arizona-based Desert Mountain Properties since 1997. In addition to his work, Jon serves on a number of advisory boards in the Eller community and is a member of the Campaign Arizona Presidential Leadership Team.  

Tammy is also still actively involved in the University of Arizona.  She has chaired several UV Alumni Association events, is also a member of the Campaign Arizona Presidential Leadership board, a founding board member of Steele Memorial Children’s research Center, and served as president of the Friends of Arizona Cancer Center board. 

Their dedication and love for the UA is incredible, and we want to thank them for all their continued support to our community over the years!