Buried in Concrete: 1st Floor Poured

By Julia Capanna, Eller Management ’16 and Katelyn Martin, Marketing and Management ’17


The construction team arrived at 3am on Friday morning to pour the concrete on the first floor of the new Eller Professional Development Center. We arrived on the construction site later that morning to see the team smoothing the concrete and fixing any imperfections as it dried.

Paul Pena explained to us the process of pouring the concrete, and more importantly what can’t be seen in the pictures, which is what is underneath the concrete. There is a complicated installation of electrical circuits known as rebar underneath the concrete that allows the electrical units to be easily accessible to students and faculty. The placement of electrical units beneath the concrete and the pouring of the cement costs roughly $85,000.

The next step will be the pouring of the second floor, which will be more difficult because it requires a pump to pour the concrete from the first floor. After the cement has been poured on the second floor, the framing process can begin. Framing is the placement of medal sticks into the concrete to support the walls of the facility.

Worker of the Week


Our featured worker of the week is Terrance Amado. Terrance oversees all electrical installations on this project, and you would be surprised how much electrical work is hidden underneath the concrete and within the framing. Terrance ensured the electrical process was completed efficiently so the concrete could be poured the morning we arrived. Terrance loves working with Lloyd Construction as a sub-contractor from Gilbert Electronics, and is excited for the completion of this project. Eller students can thank Terrance for their easy access to electricity in the new PDC. Thank you for all your hard work Terrance!


Donor Spotlight

Andrew and Kirsten Braccia The process of building the Professional Development Center would not be complete without donations from our incredible donors. We are immensely grateful to be given the opportunity to use another facility to strengthen our academic success. This week, we would like to specifically thank our donors Andrew and Kirsten Braccia. Mr. Braccia holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Arizona, and has chosen to give back to the college in the form of donations. Mr. Braccia began his career as a member of the Early Business Development Team at Yahoo! in 1998, and worked hard to take on a Vice Present role within the company. Mr. Braccia is currently a partner of Accel Partners and fbFund, L.P., and is a member of the National Board of Advisors at DonorsChoose.org. He is also a member of the University of Arizona Eller College of Management Board of Advisors. Mr. and Mrs. Braccia’s decision to give back to the Eller community will be very impactful on the lives of Eller students. Their generous donation will allow student to grow and become better prepared for future career endeavors.