That’s all, folks.

A view of the PDC site on 04/26.

By: Catherine Gillett, Management ’16 and Brittany Rudolph, Management ’16

Our visit to the construction site marks the final visit for the University Management class this semester. We are a little sad that our work with the construction team is coming to an end, but we’re excited to share our final updates with you. The new Professional Development Center is really starting to take shape, and the project is in a good position to meet its August 15 completion goal.  According to Project Manager Paul Pena, the center is now a little more than 50% complete.  The team recently installed red steel to support the skrim which will keep the building cool despite the fact that it faces Southwards in the Arizona sun.

When we entered the site, we were surprised to find progress taking place everywhere we looked. The future team rooms are clearly delineated by steel beams, and it was fascinating to think about how the hard work of the construction team (and the efforts of the donors) will one day enable Eller teams to work as hard as they can within the finished structure.

Thankfully, Paul and his team are ensuring that Eller students will be well-protected. He encouraged us to take a look at the ceiling, where we saw hydronic pipes that will later ensure fire safety. He also pointed out a special beam separating the second and third floors. It is coated with a special paint (valued at $4,000) to prevent fires and allow the two floors to form a cohesive, collaborative space.

We were shocked at the cost of something as simple as a coat of paint, and we were reminded of how grateful we are to the donors who have made this space possible. Despite the fact that supplies may not seem expensive, this Professional Development Center has been no easy task to build- both physically and monetarily. This week alone cost approximately $70,000.

Richard, a journeyman taper.

This was a wonderful week to visit the site, because we were really able to envision the finished product. The team is even starting to work on electricity and drywall. Next steps include adding an elevator (a months long undertaking), painting the walls, installing ceilings, and readying the Center to serve hundreds of Eller students and staff.

We are so thankful to Paul for giving our class the VIP treatment this semester, and we are so excited to see the new Professional Development Center during Homecoming 2016!

Worker Spotlight

We were lucky enough to talk to Richard, a journeyman taper responsible for helping to construct the walls. He was very welcoming and interested to hear about the students who will one day benefit from his hard work. He has been in the construction industry for 15 years, and he is no stranger to work at the University of Arizona. In fact, his favorite project to date was working on the north endzone of Arizona Stadium.

Thanks again, Richard!

Donor Spotlight

Former Dean Jeff Schatzberg

This week we want to highlight the Schatzberg Family. Dr. Jeff Schatzberg served as the interim dean for the Eller College of Management from January 5, 2015 to Spring 2016. As dean, Mr. Schatzberg played a vital role in helping to fundraise for the PDC. His incredible accomplishments in his role helped the PDC surpass fundraising expectations, and promote buzz around the Eller community. Dr. Schatzberg’s nearly 30 year long Eller career has proven his intense devotion to the academic community.

We are tremendously thankful to this wonderful family for their commitments both in the classroom and in the Tucson community. Despite the fact that Mr. Schatzberg has returned to his role as a professor, the Professional Development Center will stand as a permanent testament to his efforts as the dean of the Eller College of Management. Thank you so much, Dr. Shatzberg, for your service, both past and present!