On Task…and On Time!

Work Overview

It was far from a boring week in the construction of our new Professional Development Center. A substantial amount of work and hours was put into the continuation of managing several different trades at work. My partner Sam and I had the pleasure to visit the site this week and speak with Paul Peña, the construction manager for this project and discuss how the past couple of weeks went in the progress of the new center.

As there were no new trades being added to the bill this week, Paul discussed having to balance the current existing trades and make sure each job’s progress contributed to the overall completion. Nevertheless, the biggest job the past two weeks was coordinating the assembly of the metal paneling, which included working with university architects to achieve a more cost-efficient option as the panels continue to be constructed. Paul and his team are continuing to optimize the perfect dimensions for the mechanical framing in order to ensure a safe and durable foundation for the rest of the building.

Other jobs included installing the fire sprinklers, and rough-in’s for the mechanical and electrical components of the structure. The overall costs for the work this week was between $60,000 and $70,000. Furthermore, Paul stated that they remain on schedule for now and will continue to find solutions as issues arise in order to keep the project going strong.

Worker of the Week

As we appreciate all of the tradesmen and workers making our new PDC a reality, we would like to thank our worker of the week, Mark Bedoy for his hard work in ensuring an optimal air conditioning system for the building. Mark has been in the trade for over 35 years, and has been working for Sun Mechanical for the past 17 years. Mark is currently helping the project by overseeing the entire installation of the air conditioning throughout the structure. Most of the duct-work is now completed and Mark and his team are currently pressure testing the system for quality control. A big thank you and cheers to Mark for his dedication to the project and for ensuring the completion of the A/C unit remains optimal and on schedule!

Donor Spotlight

The Eller College of Management would not be the remarkable and inspiring place we know without the generous contributions of our donors. This week, the students at Eller would like to offer a special thank you to Steve and Suzanne Hilton. Steve is currently the CEO and serves as a chairman for Meritage Homes Corporation. Meritage Homes Corporation has built over 85,000 Energy Star certified homes across the nation. Steve was also an Eller graduate and has continued to give back to the Eller experience ever since he left.

Almost one year ago today, Steve was kind enough to speak at the 2015 Spring Finance Major Graduate Breakfast. Needless to say, the students have been incredibly fortunate to have such a respectable and distinguished Alumni contribute so much to experiences we have every time we walk through the Eller doors. The Hilton’s recent contribution of a career coach office in our new PDCwill allow students to map out their futures as they work with their career coaches. We are definitely looking forward to the completion of the new professional development center and can’t wait to put it to good use!