Inspection Time!

By Lauren Evans, Business Management ’16 and Pamela Contreras, Business Management ’16

IMG_4920Construction is well on it’s way, the Lloyd team focused their efforts into getting everything within the walls right to pass a University intermediate inspection. Once the inspection is passed, the workers can begin putting the dry wall up to create what we see as the real walls. The costs for this week totaled $60,000 with all the subcontractors working on the electrical and mechanical things necessary to pass inspection. 

The inspection phase is extremely critical because in order to continue to the next phase, the University of Arizona inspectors will need to sign off and give them a thumbs up. To pass inspection, there are various components and items that need to be checked off for safety purposes. There are medal panels that are attached to every wall, the isolation layer will be added and after that is done they will be able to add the dry walls. 

The final deadline for the project is August 15th. Every employee takes deadlines very seriously because if they do not meet those deadlines they will have more expenses to incur. When we asked the project manager, Paul Pena, if they are any possibilities the project will not be completed on time he confidently said that it would not happen because they are working hard as a team to make sure everything is done correctly. If they notice that they are behind they are able to bring more employees to help out with projects. On average of 40 employees on site working on different projects to make sure all the phases get completed on a timely manner.


Worker Spotlight

This week we wanted to recognize the hard work of William Taylor, Daniel Hernandez, and Rodney Simmons. This trio have been working in construction for many years. Daniel and William are experts in pipelines and plumbing. Rodney focuses on mechanical piping. This week, they are working on testing the mechanical piping before the University conducts their inspection. When we asked about deadlines, they said the goal is to “hurry up and get it done.” They like that their schedule changes day to day but that everything they do contributes to the bigger picture. 


Donor Spotlight

Eller Student Council 

13007321_1061327170606904_1236806609704339182_nThis week we want to highlight the students who are part of this driven organization that made a 50K pledge for a team room in the Professional Development Center. Eller Student Council holds a high standard for their members. They believe in promoting a well-rounded member, one that is involved in the Univeristy community, the club, and their academics. Members are encouraged to build their professionalism through their network, experiences, and social media by providing them with the tools necessary for success. 

The Council was formed in 1976 and has since served as the representative body for undergraduates in the Eller College. The ECSC serves as a direct liaison between students, faculty, college administrators, and the Tucson community.

Becoming an ECSC member is a great way to become involved in the Eller College of Management. ECSC helps pre-business students get a jump started into the Eller College Experience and allows all students to become connected with all areas of the Eller College of Management.

The ECSC provides an opportunity for all members to get involved with issues and activities that are pertinent to the Eller College. We are quite proud of our accomplishments.