Continous Progress!

The PDC is in it’s middle stages and slowly developing into a masterpiece.  The detailed framing is coming together and piece by piece forming into our new Eller Professional Development Center.  This week involved a lot of problem solving within the existing building as they were formatting the dimensions and lengths of the building.  In order to do this, Paul Pena and his team conducted a 3D scan of the building to ensure all the framework and dimensions are accurate.  Another major element introduced this week, was the fire proofing done on level 3. In order to ensure safety and abide by laws, they conducted fire proofing as well as making sure the connectivity is in place.  This week the overall costs was around $60,000-$70,000 which make up a small portion of the grand total but is still very important in the process of the Eller PDC. 



Working with Paul!

Working with Paul!

An intriguing area we stumbled upon this week that was very interesting was the introduction of screens in the interview/study rooms.  The new Eller PDC will have 6 separate rooms to conduct interviews so that students will no longer have to walk to the Career Services office for formal interviews.  With these screens, recruiters as well as interviewees are able to showcase a PowerPoint presentation or visual in order to enhance the effect of what they are trying to portray.  This ties in very well with the new technology features at the Eller PDC because it introduces modern technology that can be utilized by professors, recruiters, as well as students to enhance further learning. 

New Displays

New Displays












As they were finishing up the intermediate wall this week and getting ready to put on the dry wall, there were several steps that needed to be addressed in order to proceed.  Major inspection was conducted along with mechanical plumbing and fire proofing.  While these may seem like small tasks, it can be a long process in order for everything to get approved.  The new PDC will use a special Denz glass that is mold resistant to ensure longevity.  The picture below is the area for the elevator which is slowly being built and introduced. 


Overall, we are so glad we were able to take this tour with Paul Pena and learn about all the aspects and development plan for the new Eller PDC.  Construction can be a very tedious and long process but the end result is always worth it.  We would like to thank all the members of Lloyd construction for taking the time to show us around and answer all of our questions!


Worker of the week:

Paul Pena

Our worker of the week is Paul Pena, he has been involved since the written statement and qualifications development.  He is currently the senior project manager and led the interview process which consisted of 8 different firms.  His passion and love for The University of Arizona as well as construction motivates him everyday to work and produce the highest quality work with his team. 


We are very fortunate to have Paul and his excellent insight leading the team here at The University of Arizona.   


Donor Spotlight: Olden and Carol Lee

Olden Lee


This week’s donor spotlight is on Olden and Carol Lee who have significantly contributed towards the Interactive Welcome/Reception Area in the new Eller PDC.  Olden is a University of Arizona Alum, who attended on a football scholarship as a linebacker.  Currently, Olden is the Chair of the Eller National Board.  Olden is grateful for his opportunity to attend the University of Arizona on a scholarship and once said “I think when you talk about the make-up of the campus, you see that it’s diverse”.  With scholarships, the University can continue to attract the best and the brightest from all over the world.  We are extremely grateful for Olden and Carol Lee’s contribution to the Eller Professional Development Center and wish them continued luck on their future endeavors.



Thank You Olden and Carol!