Large Delivery Access

During the entire PDC construction period (December ’15 – August ’16), the route for large deliveries to the building will be on the wide walkway/bike path on west side of McClelland Hall between the building and the Park Avenue Garage (see diagram). There is a short metal post at the north end of the path which can be removed to allow for wider vehicles such as freight trucks to pass. Large vehicles can drive south down the path, park near the southwest entrance of building by the Eller Deli, and enter through southwest bank of doors. These doors are wide enough for deliveries and they allow easy access to the elevator to the north end of the building.

To arrange for this post to be temporarily removed in anticipation of a delivery, a work order needs to be submitted to FM, preferably a few days in advance. As always, contact Maura Jensen or Gina Wallen for assistance!